Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we get.

Q: Where are we located?  
We are located in North Central Wisconsin near Merrill.

Q: Can we ship your trailer? 
 We can and have shipped trailers all over the U.S., Canada and several other countries including Honduras,UAE and Australia. Our shippers are not only experienced and responsible, but also have knowledge of the trailers they are delivering. They will spend the time with the customer to make sure your questions are answered and you are comfortable with your trailer before they leave.

Q: Do we offer financing? 
No, we do not offer in-house financing.  We refer customers to a local credit union who is easy to work with and has competitive rates. 

Q: Does it cost extra to have a trailer custom designed and made? 
No more than paying for the cost of the options on a standard trailer. We do not charge for the designing or tack on a surcharge just because it is not a "standard trailer".   

Q: Do we install hitches?  
 Yes, we can install hitches in our service department.

Q: Do we offer other trailer supplies?  
We can get just about anything that you would need. We work with several suppliers and most items can be shipped directly to you. We will be handling a full line of parts for the trailers that we sell plus many other parts and supplies.